Counselling Services in Mellor

Comprehensive Counselling Services in Mellor

My aim is to offer complete psychotherapy and counselling services in Mellor and the surrounding areas.

Sessions are held in a private room in my home in Marple Bridge. Counselling is always carried out at a pace that ensures you feel safe and comfortable, everything disclosed during therapy sessions is entirely confidential.

A referral from your GP is NOT a necessary requirement to seek therapy. I am always happy to offer help and advice to anyone who feels they would benefit from counselling services.

I firmly believe in offering one-to-one counselling to anyone of any race, religion, sexuality, gender or age who lives in Mellor and the surrounding areas.

With special arrangement I also offer on-line and telephone counselling services if you prefer, ensuring geographical distance is not always an issue.

A wide range of counselling services available

Issues that I commonly work with are:

Day time appointments are available throughout the week. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request.

If you are looking for friendly, affordable counselling services in Mellor and surrounding areas, then contact me now on 07904 193474 or email me.