Counselling to help with depression in Charlesworth

Depression is an illness which can happen to people of all ages, usually due to a build up of pressures.

It is often a short episode that resolves itself over time and without specific treatment. Occasionally this isn’t the case and depression becomes a more severe and prolonged condition with persistent sadness, negativity and difficulty coping.

counselling for depression in Charlesworth

Are you suffering with depression?

You may not be aware that you are depressed, your low moods might have become the norm. Talking through your feelings to a counsellor can help you to figure this out.

The most common indicators of depression are:

  • feeling tired, even after resting
  • feeling physically unwell
  • feeling tearful more easily
  • trouble concentrating watching TV or reading
  • avoiding contact with friends

Depression is treatable

Mild depression can respond well to counselling, discussing the stresses and finding better ways to deal with them.

Receiving encouragement to think and act positively (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT) may be helpful.  Discussing relationship difficulties has also been shown to be effective (Interpersonal Therapy).

I provide tailored counselling sessions that focus on identifying the causes and working through the debilitating effects of mild depression. Through CBT we look at putting a more positive and manageable coping strategy in place.

For more disabling or severe depressive illnesses, medication is usually necessary to repair the damaged chemistry before dealing with the stresses and predisposing factors. This is why I always encourage my clients to visit their GP when exhibiting signs of depression.

Depression causes other conditions

In the vast majority of people, depression results from a build-up of stress.

Up to forty per cent of people undergoing a normal grief or loss reaction will also simultaneously develop depressive illness.

Certain personality characteristics such as being anxious or worrying easily, lack of self-confidence, difficulty in being assertive, or excessive perfectionism may also lead to periods of depression.

Multiple and excessive demands on your time, leaving too little time to relax.

Depression can also occur due to sensitive biochemistry, either due to genetic factors or as a result of medical illness or recent childbirth.

Drinking excessive alcohol or smoking excessive marijuana has also been linked to depressive illness.

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